• Disposable range of goods for professional use in gastronomy.
    • Party assortment and decorations for impressive celebrations and professional catering (gastronomy).
    • Hygienic papers and systems of dispensers for professional use.
    • Hygienic disposable clothing (HACCP) and cleaning products.
    • Industrial packaging and equipment for protection of goods.

Disposable clothing

Disposable hat cap

Hot Sell Disposable Paper Forage Cap, Disposable Nonwoven Surgical Paper Cap, Disposable Paper Mob Cap, Disposable Nonwoven Paper Cap, Protective drapes.


Disposable gloves of PE, vinyl, latex and nitrile. In all sizes. Also available in powdered disposable gloves.

Disposable garments

Disposable drapes, gowns, aprons, muffs, boot covers.