• Disposable range of goods for professional use in gastronomy.
    • Party assortment and decorations for impressive celebrations and professional catering (gastronomy).
    • Hygienic papers and systems of dispensers for professional use.
    • Hygienic disposable clothing (HACCP) and cleaning products.
    • Industrial packaging and equipment for protection of goods.

Bags and carrier bags

Paper bags

Paper bags without printing or printed in a variety of sizes. Paper bags and bags for poultry.


Paper carrier bags in various sizes for various use, white and brown finish. EAN barcode printed on the bottom of each individual bag.

Microtene bags

Wide offer cut list and bags of microten. Snack, freezer bags, block bags, bags in the role of the HDPE or LDPE material.

Carrier bags

A huge selection of bags from HDPE or LDPE material.