• Disposable range of goods for professional use in gastronomy.
    • Party assortment and decorations for impressive celebrations and professional catering (gastronomy).
    • Hygienic papers and systems of dispensers for professional use.
    • Hygienic disposable clothing (HACCP) and cleaning products.
    • Industrial packaging and equipment for protection of goods.


Taper and table candles

Taper - quality and elegant candles with a burning time 8 hours.

Table - straight quality candles winth burning time of 7 hours.

Pillar candles

Large color selection pillar candles in diameters of 40, 50, 60 and 80 mm.


Tea candles and candles in cups. Quality candles from European production, with relatively long burning time.

Tomb candles

Candle with guaranteed quality in different sizes, depending on demand.