• Disposable range of goods for professional use in gastronomy.
    • Party assortment and decorations for impressive celebrations and professional catering (gastronomy).
    • Hygienic papers and systems of dispensers for professional use.
    • Hygienic disposable clothing (HACCP) and cleaning products.
    • Industrial packaging and equipment for protection of goods.

WIMEX partner

We seek and support our partners always for a long-term cooperation. As a wholesaler, we are specialized in supplying  for distributors, especially to Cash+Carry markets and for wholesalers with focuse on gastronomy. Our core activity is service for wholesalers with an emphasis on sectors: packaging material, decorating and party sets, the connected area is also hygiene. However, we also offer an attractive range for consumers, which is in the design and package sizes optimally tuned directly for them.
If you, like facilities for refreshments or other service, are interested in our branded products, we will be glad on the basis of your inquiry to recommend you our business partner, from which you can take goods. The network of our business partners is sufficiently wide, you can definitely choose. The most of our partners also offer service of the direct supplies directly to you. 

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