• Disposable range of goods for professional use in gastronomy.
    • Party assortment and decorations for impressive celebrations and professional catering (gastronomy).
    • Hygienic papers and systems of dispensers for professional use.
    • Hygienic disposable clothing (HACCP) and cleaning products.
    • Industrial packaging and equipment for protection of goods.

WIMEX service

Based on our more than 20 years of experience, we can offer you an individual service that effectively supports sales of our products and also includes our expert advice. Our products meet the norms according to which you can receive appropriate certificates and declarations of conformity.

Clear and multilingual labels with readable EAN codes facilitate the operation of logistics and prevent the storage errors. Modern design of packaging (packing) of our products look fresh and attractive and highers a positive perception of the end customer. Our marketing department will gladly help you with evaluating of your sales documents (sales documentation) and with presentation of goods at the place of your sale. Regarding your catalogue and e-shop, we can provide you documents in the appropriate quality (website, printing...).

Thanks to our B2B web portal, you have a nonstop direct input to all the necessary information about status of your orders, invoices and prices. Detailed information about our entire product range including logistics data enable you an effective search and simple inventory of your shopping cart.

We work at constant improvements to be understood not like dealers, but like your partner and assistant for solving of the problems. Even we are not against an inspirative suggestions from you like a feedback for us. Only this way we can find out a real market requirements.