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Novinky na úvodní stranu


Company profile

The WIMEX company is an important producer, importer and distributor of disposable tableware, packaging materials, hygiene consumables, as well as equipment for decoration, especially for the area of catering. The company also offers products under its own label.

About the company

For more than 25 years, we have been supplying our wholesale partners all over Europe from our central warehouse, which has a capacity of 30,000 m2. Every day, our 160 employees send out about 450 pallets to our partners.

The company’s development


Founding the WIMEX company

Offering goods to the opening markets



Founding the Slovak branch in Trenčín



Buying our own storing place of 30 000 m2 in size



Founding the German branch



Founding the Austrian branch



The company’s revenues have climbed over half a billion of the Czech Crowns



The number of the company’s employees has exceeded 100



We celebreated the 25th anniversary of founding the company



Our company has acquired certifications ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015


WIMEX as a partner

Long-time cooperation, support, active communication with the customers and employees are number one priority to us. Loyalty and commitment to our trading partners is our principle. We always seek and support our partners for a long-term cooperation. As a wholesaler, we are specialized in supplying distributors, especially Cash&Carry markets and wholesalers focusing on the catering trade.

Our core activity is service for wholesalers with an emphasis on the following sectors: packaging material, decoration and party sets and hygiene consumables. We, however, also offer a wide range of goods for private end consumers. These products can be customized in size and design. If you and your company are interested in our branded products, we will gladly recommend you one of our business partners from whom you can obtain our products. The network of our partners is sufficiently wide, which guarantees one close to your location. Most of them also offer a delivery of goods. WHY TO COOPERATE WITH US: •  Big variety of goods – everything from one source •  Delivery time – we store, you sell •  Quality products – tried and tested suppliers who have proven themselves •  B2B system of booking and monitoring orders and prices •  Contestability – advantageous prices, discounts, sales events •  Constant updating of products according to the newest trends (for instance BIO and compostable products or finger food) •  Attractive design of packaging and labels, all of which include the EAN codes •  Our company has acquired ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications in 2015                       
Quality management systems     Environmental management systems

Service & logistics

Our sophisticated logistic system could be an advantage against competitors. We optimize your budget according to the quantity of your purchase. Therefore we can offer you a wider range of products, hence customer satisfaction will increase.

Thanks to our wide range of goods, you are not forced to order from different suppliers. This eliminates the excessive storage burden caused by minimal quantity of taken goods from each supplier. Your order is realized from the smallest possible quantity up to whole pallets, to satisfy your needs.

Contact us:  +420 491 433 555 | fax: +420 491 431 631 | e-mail:

The marketing and product range conception

More than 25 years of experience enable us to offer you perfect individual service. This includes sale support as well as expert advice. Our products meet the norms according to which you can receive appropriate certificates and declarations of conformity.

Clear and multilingual labels with EAN codes facilitate the operation of logistics and prevent storage errors. Modern packaging design enhances a positive perception with the end customer. Our marketing department will gladly help you evaluating our sales documents and assist you with the presentation of goods at the point-of-sale. Regarding your catalogue and e-shop, we can provide you with documents in appropriate quality. Thanks to our b2B web portal, you have nonstop direct access to all the necessary information on status of your orders, invoices and prices. Detailed information about our entire product range, including logistics data, enable you to an effective search and simple inventory of your shopping cart. We provide management system certifications in the following areas: Constant improvements and the dialogue with our customers help us to not only be a dealer but also a partner and assistant in solving problems. We really appreciate your feedback because only that way we can find out about the market requirements.

We sponsor

We sponsor sports, cultural events and other leisure activities for children and handicapped people. We are proud to be a partner of organizations helping those in need.

Pferda je organizace, která poskytuje sociální služby dospělým s mentálním postižením z Rychnovska a Náchodska.

Stacionář Cesta Náchod z.ú. je nestátní nezisková organizace,
která poskytuje pomoc osobám se zdravotním postižením při překonávání
psychických, fyzických, sociálních a jiných důsledků jejich postižení.

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WIMEX s.r.o.
Broumovská 72
CZ – 54701 Náchod

Tel.: +420 491 433 555

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